On days when the forecast maximum temperature as published in the Sunday Mail that day is 38 degrees or higher, all games will be cancelled or postponed, except those at air-conditioned stadiums.

On days when the forecast maximum temperature as published in the Sunday Mail that day is 35 degrees or higher, the timing rules for all games will be modified as follows:

  • Referees to call a time-out at the half way point of each period, if one has not already been called
  • The period break to be extended by two minutes

For more information on these guidelines, the official Hot Weather Policy is available for viewing here.

To be eligible to play in a finals series in a particular grade, a player:

  • Must have played at least four matches for the club (or team, where that team is not associated with a club), or be a new player to korfball, who has not yet met the 4 game requirement
  • Must have played more games in the particular grade and any lower grades combined than in any higher grades combined

Recent Results


Division 1

Div 1 2023


Division 2

Div 2 2023


Division 3

Div 3 2023


Top Scorers

Division 3

Brooke Grose1023.00
Ben Walter802.67
John Roberts702.33
Nic Catanzariti702.33
Luke Dart602.00
Andrew Hutchesson502.50
Steven Roberts501.67
Caz Gartner501.25
Ben Bleckly502.50
Antony Marshall501.67
Kelly Lockwood402.00
Annika Richmond401.33
Gerard McGinley402.00
Jodie King300.75
Rob Reichman213.00
Paul Adams301.00
Amber Salisbury303.00
James Holland301.00
Isabel McGinley211.50
Toni Bell301.50
Sharni Lans211.50
Ashton Bell301.00
Michael Duke301.50
Erin Hicks201.00
Bruce Hutchesson200.67
Jake Marshall202.00
Karl Bator202.00
Stephen Hocking111.00
Joanna Lloyd202.00
Monica Fundak202.00
Tim Miller101.00
Linton Coombes100.50
Sharyn Bungey100.50
Daniel Rattus101.00
Alicia McGee101.00
Danika Miller100.50
Ella Brookes101.00
Bridget Spurr011.00
Daniel Catanzariti101.00
Jessica Zilm100.33
Alex Whitelaw-Jenkins100.50
Imogen Hawkes101.00
Kristen Peak100.50
Neil Brookes100.50
Mackenzie Patterson Cleary100.50
Nat Bukojemski010.33
Ivan Chow100.33
Nick Miller000.00
Alyssa Booth000.00
Jessica Coles000.00
Chris Graves000.00
Tessa Jensen000.00
Cameron McLean000.00
Chris Hutchesson000.00
Tracey Smith000.00
Tom Brown000.00
Alison Spurr000.00
Tom Bukojemski000.00
Owen Anderson000.00
Liberty Booth000.00
Mitchell Othen000.00
Will Anderson000.00
Zoe Hilton000.00
Sarah Curran000.00
Danica Bell000.00
Charli McStravick000.00
Sean COURTNEY000.00
Diana Cremasco000.00
Chelsea Peters000.00
Tyson White000.00
Sophie Munchenberg000.00
Lucy Vardas000.00
Helena Errey-White000.00
Luke Richards000.00
Louise Roberts000.00
Josh Adams000.00
Megan Jones000.00
Stefan Scragg000.00
Ryan Gartner000.00
Jeff Green000.00
Issy Vardas000.00
John Spurr000.00
Clara Rehill000.00
Aisha Milburn000.00
Kim Jilbert000.00
Chris Laffey000.00
Damien Rigter000.00
Rhys Kubank000.00
Amy Kubank000.00
Cade Harris000.00
Henry Tooze000.00
Imbi Mannik000.00
Michael Spencer000.00