With the Beach Korfball National Championships taking place on the 9th of March, Korfball South Australia is please to announce that the Summer Classic will be played on the 10th to compliment this event, making for a great weekend of Korfball. Korfball South Australia’s annual one-day outdoor lightning carnival will be held at the Marion Sports & Community Club. A map of the venue location can be found on the Summer Classic event page. The competition will be held on Sunday the 10th of March, and games are likely to kick off at 9:30am, subject to nominations.

The competition is played on grass with standard Korfball rules (2 divisions, 8 players per team), but shortened matches. As this is not explicitly a club based competition (although clubs are more than welcome to enter teams) non-club-based and non-SA teams are encouraged to enter. Team nominations are $50, no more to pay, and nominations and payments are due no later than March 5th. Once a team is nominated, payment details will be emailed to the designated contact person. A team nomination form is below.

Please note if clubs are entering more than one team, we do request you fill out a form for each team.

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