On days when the forecast maximum temperature as published in the Sunday Mail that day is 38 degrees or higher, all games will be cancelled or postponed, except those at air-conditioned stadiums.

On days when the forecast maximum temperature as published in the Sunday Mail that day is 35 degrees or higher, the timing rules for all games will be modified as follows:

  • Referees to call a time-out at the half way point of each period, if one has not already been called
  • The period break to be extended by two minutes

For more information on these guidelines, the official Hot Weather Policy is available for viewing here.




Home \ Away
Arista A   20-18 25-18
Boomers A 14-14  
Glenelg A 22-16   20-12
North A 16-17  

Top Goal Scorers

Total Points

PlayerPointsGoals2 Point GoalsPenaltiesAverage
Daniel Phillips1312014.33
Luke Rosie129114.00
Emily Hutchesson105213.33
Darian Huddleston102403.33
Jack Curran97103.00
Josh Berney97023.00
Ashlee Othen88002.67
Nik Bungey85112.67
Jayden Huddleston75022.33
Andrew Hutchesson64102.00
Megan Milde66002.00
Nick Miller53101.67
Zac Marshall55001.67
Theresa Coletti52111.67
Tony Beeson55001.67
Mark Hamilton54012.50
Adam Robertson44004.00
Lachlan Baverstock44002.00
Michelle Duffin44001.33
Grace Cullen44001.33
Georgia Bungey42102.00
Bethan Channing44001.33
Sot Vardas44001.33
Chris Hutchesson33001.00
Luann Hand33001.00
Ashleigh Horrocks31101.00
Josh Prasad33001.00
Craig Dawson33001.00
Samantha Adams32011.00
Tim Miller22001.00
Lucy Vardas20100.67
Sharni Lans22000.67
Jess Phillips22001.00
Nikki Koritsa22001.00
Kerrie-Ann Moon21010.67
Kelly Williss22000.67
Aaron Sykes22000.67
Brandon Nagy22001.00
Greg Perry22001.00
Natalie Bukojemski20020.67
Issy Vardas10010.33
Ben Wallace11001.00
Cameron McLean11001.00
Bianca Chenoweth11000.50
Lucinda Hand11000.33
Jess May11001.00
Ashlyn Wetherell11001.00
Daniel Papalia10011.00
Linda Hanton11000.50
Michael Spence11000.33

Two Pointers

Player2 Point Goals
Darian Huddleston4
Emily Hutchesson2
Ashleigh Horrocks1
Andrew Hutchesson1
Luke Rosie1
Georgia Bungey1
Lucy Vardas1
Theresa Coletti1
Nick Miller1
Nik Bungey1
Jack Curran1
Ashlyn Wetherell0
Linda Hanton0
Aaron Sykes0
Kelly Williss0
Kerrie-Ann Moon0
Tim Miller0
Jess Phillips0
Sharni Lans0
Nikki Koritsa0
Jess May0
Daniel Papalia0
Issy Vardas0
Ben Wallace0
Cameron McLean0
Greg Perry0
Bianca Chenoweth0
Lucinda Hand0
Brandon Nagy0
Daniel Phillips0
Natalie Bukojemski0
Adam Robertson0
Josh Berney0
Ashlee Othen0
Jayden Huddleston0
Megan Milde0
Mark Hamilton0
Tony Beeson0
Zac Marshall0
Lachlan Baverstock0
Chris Hutchesson0
Michelle Duffin0
Grace Cullen0
Bethan Channing0
Sot Vardas0
Craig Dawson0
Samantha Adams0
Josh Prasad0
Luann Hand0
Michael Spence0

One Point Field Goals

Daniel Phillips12
Luke Rosie9
Ashlee Othen8
Jack Curran7
Josh Berney7
Megan Milde6
Tony Beeson5
Zac Marshall5
Jayden Huddleston5
Nik Bungey5
Emily Hutchesson5
Lachlan Baverstock4
Sot Vardas4
Bethan Channing4
Andrew Hutchesson4
Michelle Duffin4
Grace Cullen4
Mark Hamilton4
Adam Robertson4
Nick Miller3
Craig Dawson3
Josh Prasad3
Luann Hand3
Chris Hutchesson3
Aaron Sykes2
Jess Phillips2
Nikki Koritsa2
Sharni Lans2
Tim Miller2
Kelly Williss2
Georgia Bungey2
Brandon Nagy2
Greg Perry2
Samantha Adams2
Theresa Coletti2
Darian Huddleston2
Linda Hanton1
Ashlyn Wetherell1
Bianca Chenoweth1
Jess May1
Lucinda Hand1
Ashleigh Horrocks1
Cameron McLean1
Ben Wallace1
Kerrie-Ann Moon1
Michael Spence1
Issy Vardas0
Lucy Vardas0
Daniel Papalia0
Natalie Bukojemski0