Since the AGM last year the KSA committee have been meeting once a month in order to keep the sport ticking over and doing all the ‘boring’ stuff that needs to get done for our sport to run. These meetings are well attended and are running quite efficiently, especially considering all attendees are volunteers and there solely for the betterment of Korfball.


However, there are some concerns that are arising at meetings that are hard to combat during the allotted time on a Monday night. It is for this reason we have decided to get together and have a ‘Planning/Ideas Day’. We feel that the size of our current community allows us to invite everyone who has an interest in the growth of our sport to have their say and hopefully share some ideas for the future. We hope for some robust, but ultimately positive conversations about helping us to get better. I am sure that is the way most of you approach your training so we are going for the same. Let’s get better – TOGETHER.


The Planning/Ideas Day is set for Saturday the 24th of March, at Club Marion. A map of the venue location can be found on the event page. Although the timeline is tight this was the only time the committee could find prior to the recently announced scheduled start of the State League season that suited the majority of current committee members. It is the view of the committee that we will meet and share ideas regardless of other attendees but we hope to be outnumbered by an influx of excited people keen to play their part in helping Korfball in South Australia.


We would love to see out whole community working together to try and improve and more importantly GROW our sport. We hope to see as many of you there as possible. We have some ideas to share but would encourage you to have a think and come locked and loaded with some of your own. In the coming days we will announce more so people can be prepared and we will also try to provide a system for people who are unable to attend to still get involved so stay tuned.


Yours in Korfball