The weekend just gone saw the first round of the inaugural Korfball South Australia Challenge Cup. With new rules being trialled to encourage both scoring and participation, the new competition got off to a flying start. All the scores, ladders and scoring charts can be found over on the Challenge Cup page.

Glenelg vs Boomers

Glenelg and Boomers had the privilege of being the trail-blazers, playing the first ever match under Challenge Cup rules. Some of the initial attacks were a bit rushed, as the shorter time left on the shot clock by the time the ball got into attack worried a few players. It wasn’t long before both teams soon settled into a more normal pace of play, and the goals began to flow. Glenelg had the honour of scoring the first two point goal from distance, courtesy of Emily Hutchesson. The temptation of the two pointer was too strong for many players, with most of the missed long shots ending up in an easy defensive rebound.  The new rules did provide a challenge for the referees as well as the players, particularly the changes to the defended shot rules, but both the referees and the players adjusted in the second half as they got a handle on the changes. Both teams used at least 12 players to gain the extra Challenge Cup Point, giving valuable experience to younger players, as well as allowing some more experienced players to relive the glory days. Ultimately, through a combination of scoring the only three two-point goals of the game, as well as some accurate mid-range shooting, Glenelg were able to prevail in regular time, 21-16.


However, in the Challenge Cup, the match isn’t over at the final siren. Each match sees Golden Goal being played for the chance of an extra Challenge Cup Point. After some initial confusion while setting up for Golden Goal, not helped by the huge number of substitutions throughout the game, play got underway. Both teams had ensured their regular A Graders were on court for this, and it showed in the competitive play. Both teams squandered opportunities to score, before Glenelg managed to snag the all important goal, finishing with a final score of 22-16. This sees Glenelg pick up the maximum possible 5 Challenge Cup Points from their match.


Daniel Phillips was the top scorer for the match, with 6 points, all from one point goals. Jack Curran was the top scorer for Boomers, with 4 goals, highlighting the advantages of this new competition encouraging youth participation.

Arista vs North

Arista and North played off in the second Challenge Cup match of the round, and had the advantage of having watched the previous match. This showed in the early attacks, as both teams started off a lot more composed than in the first match. North’s accurate long shooting was expected to be a danger under the new rules, but this was not the case in this match. North’s attacks often focused on getting run-ins, albeit with success in many instances. Somewhat surprisingly, it was Arista who provided all the two pointers in this match, with three players each scoring a long distance two pointer. A last second shot by Andrew Hutchesson provided the competitions first buzzer-beater two pointer, but the result had already been decided by this point. Arista finished regular time ahead, 25-17.


Golden Goal in this match was the polar opposite of the previous match, with North scoring on their first attack. However, in Korfball, there is a right of reply given to the opposition. Arista was unable to capitalise, and once North cleared the ball from their defensive half, they were awarded the Golden Goal bonus point. Final score was 25-18.


Nik Bungey was the top scorer for the match, with 5 points, including one of Arista’s two pointers, while Adam Robertson and Megan Milde both scored 4 for North.


After one round of the Challenge Cup, Glenelg sit on top, thanks to their win, as well as picking up both available bonus points in their match. Arista sit in second, one point behind, only receiving one bonus point, after missing out on Golden Goal after their win. North sit in third, thanks to collecting both bonus points despite the overall loss. Boomers sit in fourth, picking up the loss and the 12+ player bonus point. It was pleasing to see all teams take the opportunity to use 12 or more players, as they not only all picked up the bonus point on offer, but also gave some valuable experience to younger players.


Daniel Phillips leads the overall scoring, with his 6 points, while Nik Bungey and Emily Hutchesson are just behind on 5 points, both having taken advantage of two point goals. Emily leads the way in that category, with 2 two pointers.


Join us next week, Sunday June 24 at Titanium Security Arena, as Round 2 of the Korfball South Australia Challenge Cup kicks off.