We are now two thirds of the way through the inaugural Korfball South Australia Challenge Cup, and the title is still well and truly up for grabs. With new rules being trialled to encourage scoring and participation, the new competition has certainly been embraced by all clubs involved. All the scores, ladders and scoring charts can be found over on the Challenge Cup page.

Arista vs Glenelg

Arista and Glenelg had the honour of the first game this round. With all teams having now had a match using Challenge Cup rules under their belts, both teams started in a far more controlled fashion than the previous week. Glenelg got off to a hot start, scoring the first 4 points, 3 of which came from surprise starter, Nick Miller. His 3 points also included the games only two-point goal, although not for a lack of effort on a few players parts. After Glenelg’s hot start, leading to a solid first quarter lead, Arista began the process of trying to reel Glenelg back in. Glenelg still led at the half, albeit by a narrower margin. A strong third quarter gave Arista the lead, and Glenelg were unable to close the gap in the fourth, leaving the score at 20-17 in Arista’s favour at the final siren.


As this is the Challenge Cup, however, there was still Golden Goal to play. This was the quickest Golden Goal so far: with Arista failing to score on their first attack, Glenelg took full advantage, quickly scoring on their first opportunity to collect the Golden Goal bonus Challenge Cup point. Both teams also took the opportunity to play 12+ players, ensuring each team picked up the bonus Challenge Cup point on offer there.


Tony Beeson and Luke Rosie picked up the top scorer gong for the match, with 4 points each, all from single point scores. Nick Miller‘s early 3 points ensured he finished the match as Glenelg’s top scorer.

North vs Boomers

The late match this round saw North take on Boomers. Both teams started well, and the match remained very close throughout. The passion of all players was on full display, with a couple of minor incidents threatening to overshadow what was good match, before cooler heads prevailed and order was restored. Both teams, but arguably North in particular, went hunting for two point goals, and despite Darian Huddleston hitting two, it possibly ultimately hurt North, as it gave plenty of easy defensive rebounds to Boomers. Given how close the match was, it was fitting that there was only a two point margin at the end of the match, the closest game of the competition so far. Boomers ultimately had the advantage at the final buzzer, 16-14.


In Golden Goal, North mathematically had a chance to tie the game up, but what transpired was instead one of the more unusual Golden Goals ever seen. Boomers attacked first, and were able to capitalise, scoring what seemed like the all important goal. However, North still had the right of reply however, and were also able to capitalise, meaning that not only did Golden Goal continue, we saw one of the rarest sights in all of sports: a change of ends during Golden Goal. After such a frenetic start, it could be assumed the scoring would continue, however, this was not to be the case. Five minutes of scoreless end-to-end action then transpired, before North was finally able to score the go-ahead goal, and take the Golden Goal bonus point. Both teams also picked up the bonus point for using more than 12 players through the match.


Josh Berney was the top scorer for the victorious Boomers, with 4 points, all from single point shots. Darian Huddleston was the leader for North, and the match, with his 5 points, courtesy of two two-point shots, and a one-pointer.


After two rounds of the Challenge Cup, any team can still win the overall competition. Arista sits on top of the table with two wins, and two bonus points. Glenelg, however, are equal on points, despite only having one win, thanks to picking up both Golden Goal opportunities, and only sit on second based on goal difference. Boomers are in third, with one win and two bonus points, and just like with the top two teams, North is level on points with Boomers, despite having one less win, thanks to their two extra Golden Goal bonus points. With a maximum of 5 points on offer for every team in the final round, the Cup is well and truly up for grabs.


Daniel Phillips retains the lead in the overall scoring charts, with 8 points, all from single point goals. Darian Huddleston joins Emily Hutchesson on 2 two-point goals, to be the joint leaders in that category.


Join us next week, Sunday July 1st at Titanium Security Arena, as the inaugural Korfball South Australia Challenge Cup comes to its thrilling conclusion.