The Beach Korfball season has wrapped up for another year, with great fun had by all involved over the five weeks of matches (one week was unfortunately cancelled due to heat). This year saw eight teams competing, an increase on last year, and many of the teams had far more than the bare minimum four players. This meant we had great player turnout each and every week, with a mix of current players, newly unretired players, first-timers, and everything in between. Especially pleasing to see was players from both the “Kids Korf” program and the previous Social K4 competition, players who have not been involved in State League before, come along and join in. Hopefully these additional pathways continue to develop and more players are encouraged to join.


Another great aspect of the competition was the teams’ willingness to accept new players, often at zero notice. With Beach Korfball being played in such a public, high traffic area, many uninitiated members of the public stopped to watch, and a brave few even joined in some of the matches. It was fantastic to see teams willing to allow these players to join in, and it was a great promotion for the sport, with many returning week after week to fill in for other teams. Many of these players have been in contact with their local club, and hopefully they are able to stay involved.


The competition was played in great spirits throughout, but this doesn’t mean that games weren’t hard fought. The speed of the game, combined with the short quarters, meant goals were sometimes hard to come by, but when they flowed, they normally flowed for both teams. The high number of draws, as well as the many close results, shows how tightly contested games were. At the end of it all though, Slippery Sharks proved to be the best team, winning 11 of their 15 games, which was good enough to take the bragging rights for this year. The full table, as well as the results, can be found on the Beach Korfball competition page.


Thank you to all teams and players, who made this competition such a success. Your great attitudes, competitive spirits and willingness to help, made it a lot of fun. Special thanks must go to David Kubank, who offered to transport all equipment every week, and supervised the set up of the courts. Without you, we would have struggled to have a competition, so thank you, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Congratulations again to Slippery Sharks, and we hope to see everyone out there again next year.