Korfball SA recently sent communication to all clubs about an upcoming development league that is aimed at providing an environment for referees to develop outside the pressures of State League.

Start Date: Tuesday 13th April (8pm Sturt Gym – Flinders University)

This league offers a number of opportunities:

  1. it’s an opportunity for club players who can’t train on their clubs existing training night to play some extra Korfball
  2. it’s an opportunity for new players to play korfball in an environment where the referees are receiving on the job training and immediate feedback which will aid new players in learning the rules
  3. it provides trainee and inexperienced referees an opportunity to work with more experienced referees in an environment where they aren’t running off to coach or play or referee themselves

If clubs or individuals want to nominate a team that is great, however, if you don’t have a full team don’t despair, we just want to make sure games happen so we will happily accommodate players into games. As the league/numbers builds we will look to formalise the program.

Cost is $2 per player per week, this is in addition to the KSA $10 registration fee for those players not already registered. To nominate teams and referees please complete details below. If you have any questions please contact KSA via leagues@sa.korfball.org.au

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