At the recent Korfball South Australia Annual General Meeting, a new Board of Directors has been elected to oversee Korfball South Australia. Somewhat unusually, due to a combination of term limits being reached and resignations, all Directors positions were up for election, as opposed to the normal half of all Board positions. Following the constitutional procedures, all seven elected Directors positions were filled, while the Board has the option to appoint two additional Directors if they deem it advantageous.

The new Board sees Luke Rosie, Heather McManus and Caz Gartner return as Directors from last years Board, and we thank them for their continued volunteer service. Jessica Phillips, Daniel Phillips, Theresa Coletti and Darian Huddleston were all elected as Directors for the first time, and the infusion of new faces to the Board is sure to be a positive for the sport moving forward.

As must be the case with new Directors coming on board, there are a number of outgoing Directors, all of whom have either reached their term limits, resigned or chosen not to recontest the election. A massive thanks goes to out going Directors Karina Hutchesson, Emily Hutchesson, Sharni Lans, Joshua Berney and Geli Ellis Gibbings. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and we thank you for your efforts on the Board in recent times.

We wish the incoming Board the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing what the future of Korfball South Australia holds.