We now know our 2019 Grand Finalists, with the Preliminary Finals seeing two thrilling contests. With a one goal thriller stealing the show. Whilst a blistering opening quarter saw one team jump out of the blocks. 

As always the scores, fixtures, ladders and leading goal scorers can be found on the State League Page.

B Grade

The first game of the day was the B Grade Preliminary Final, where Glenelg took on North for a spot in the Grand Final against Boomers on the line. Glenelg came into the finals after finishing in second place on the ladder, whilst North entered after finishing the season in third place. 

The match started slowly as both teams adjusted to the pace of the game, with the ball flying end to end. The scores remained deadlocked for the first 6 minutes. Before Glenelg were able to gain the momentum to build a small lead. With North then hitting back strongly before half time to get the score back to even at 8-8. However Glenelg found an extra step, going into the break, up 10-8.

The second half saw the game step up another level. With North coming at Glenelg to draw the game level at 14-14 with five minutes remaining in the game. With a spot in the Grand Final on the line tensions began to boil over with players and coaches getting tense. 

Scores were still level with two and a half minutes left. Before Glenelg won a penalty which was converted to put them up 15-14. North then went down their end, won themselves a penalty which was missed.

Before a time-wasting call was made from the referee to see North get the ball back with less than 30 seconds left on the clock. Infuriating the Glenelg bench. North would have one last chance to tie the game. However it wasn’t to be as Glenelg were able to hold on to claim a birth in the Grand Final next weekend winning by one goal, 15-14. 

A Grade

The A Grade Preliminary Final was up next, with Arista taking on Glenelg for a spot in next weekend’s Grand Final against North. Arista came into the finals after finishing the season in second place, with 9 wins and 3 losses. Whilst Glenelg comes in, after finishing the season in third place, with 5 wins and 7 defeats. 

The match started with a blitz from Glenelg, as their defensive setup was on early, leading to several key intercepts. Whilst their attack looked like they could not miss, as they went into quarter time up 10-5. The second quarter saw an improved Arista as they came out to close the gap to two goals, before Glenelg regained the momentum ending the quarter with two goals to take a lead of 13-9 into the half time break. 

The second half saw Arista come out and dominate the third term, restricting Glenelg to just one goal for the quarter whilst scoring four of their own, to see the three quarter time score at 14-13. The game was set up for a superb final quarter and that is exactly what we got.

The final quarter started with a few missed chances from both teams before three minutes in, Arista scored first to draw the game level. Barely 20 seconds later, Arista scored again to take the lead for the first time in the game, 15-14.

Resulting in Glenelg taking a timeout with 7 .46 left in the game. Straight out of the timeout Glenelg responded with a goal of their own, followed by another two to lead 17-15.

Arista was then able to get one back to see the score at 18-16. Glenelg were then awarded a penalty to see the lead go back out to two goals, 18-16, resulting in an Arista timeout, wth 3.10 left in the game.

Unfortunately for Arista, the timeout didn’t result in a little run like Glenelg’s earlier, as Glenelg were able to get the first goal to extend the margin out to three. Arista scored again with 1.48 remaining to get back to within two. However there would be not miracle in the last 90 seconds. As Glenelg scored two more times to claim a huge victory 21-17. To book a spot in next weekend’s Grand Final against North. 

Next Week

Next weekend sees the Grand Finals for all three grades being played; once again we will be at the  St Clair Recreation Centre. 109 Woodville Rd, Woodville SA 5011 

Games begin earlier this week; 

With the C Grade Grand Final taking place first, as Boomers take on Arista at 1.15pm.

B grade sees Boomers take on Glenelg at 2.45pm.

A Grade then finishes off the day with North take on Glenelg at 4.15pm.

Hope to see you all out there for a great day of Korfball action.