The timetable for the 2020 Korfball South Australia State League season has now been released, and has already been distributed to all clubs. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times. As is always the case, the full schedule can be found on the State League page.  A PDF version of the timetable can also be downloaded here, which also includes the referee and door assignments. Read on for more State League 2020 updates.


This season, as already announced, is shortened to 10 weeks for the regular season, with a single week of finals to follow.

Non-playing weeks

There will be no State League matches on Fathers Day (September 6).

Schedule Format

Division 1

Division 1, with 5 teams, sees each team play each other team twice, with a total of two byes. The top 2 teams after these 10 rounds will then progress to the Grand Final.

Division 2

Division two, with 8 teams, won’t have any byes. Additionally, the schedule is a little different, with each team playing each other once in the first 7 weeks of the competition. After this, the schedule for the final three rounds is set based on ladder position at the end of Round 7. Following the completion of all 10 rounds, the top 4 teams based on all 10 rounds progress to play on the Finals day.


Match Venues

All matches for the 2020 State League season will be played at Titanium Security Arena in Findon.


Spectators are not permitted courtside under the COVID-Safe plan. Spectators are more than welcome to watch games from the eastern or western grandstands, practising social distancing as required. A spectator is anyone not directly involved with the game in progress i.e is not actively playing, and is not a named substitute, coach, score bench operator or match official. This includes players waiting to warm up for the following match, who must remain in the stands until the conclusion of the previous match.


We will have access to the male and female toilets on game day, under the western grandstand at court level. However, due to the restrictions imposed by our COVID-Safe plan, access to change rooms and showers is not permitted.

Set-up and Pack down

The set up and pack down rules from last year are continuing this year:

  • Set-up
    • Home team
      • Posts for your court and team benches
    • Away team
      • Tape for your court and shot clocks (Court 2 only)
  • Pack down
    • Home team
      • Posts for your court and team benches
    • Away team
      • Tape and short clocks (Court 2 only)

The posts and shot clocks will be stored in the store room under the western grandstand. This can be accessed through the northern hallway. The door should be open but in case it is not, please see a KSA representative to help you.


As part of the conditions of hire, we have man the entrance door to Titanium Security Arena at all times. Each club has been assigned two weeks to complete this. If there are any issues or questions around this requirement, please contact a KSA representative.

If there are any questions or concerns around anything in this update, please get in touch with us at Good luck to all players, coaches and officials, and we look forward to seeing you out at Titanium Security Arena on July 12 to belatedly kick off the State League 2020 season.