The timetable for the 2019 Korfball South Australia State League season has now been released. Thank you for your patience as a few bumps were navigated, which held up the release of the schedule. As in past years, the full schedule can be found on the State League page, with team specific schedules being accessed through the club pages, linked above the header on every page. A PDF version of the timetable can also be downloaded here. Team based player stats can be found on these club pages as well, although won’t be populated until after the first game. Read on for more State League 2019 updates.


There will be 15 rounds of regular season games, followed by the finals. Regular season matches will finish in August, while finals will take place in September.

Non-playing weeks

There will be no State League matches on Mother’s Day (May 12), the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend (June 9) or on Fathers Day (September 1). Additionally, there will be a two week break while the National Team is overseas, August 4 and 11.

Kids Korf

Kids Korf is back! There will be opportunities for kids to engage in structured korfball fun from 3-4pm on court 3. The format of kids korf has not yet been determined as we are keen to get some feedback from parents regarding what they would like to see for their children. Children will be grouped according to age as best we can and activities structured for their age and development. Kids Korf is likely to start in round two. If you are keen to help with kids korf or have your children involved in kids korf please get in touch with either us or Tim Miller, and be sure to let us know how many children, and what ages, so we can accommodate as best we can.


Match Venues

As was the case last season, State League will be primarily played at Titanium Security Arena in Findon. A few rounds have been moved to other venues, notably Heathfield High School and St. Clair Recreation Centre. All information on these changes are available on the timetable and event pages.

Kids Zone

This year we are very keen to create a safe place for children to play. Following consultation with Titanium Security Arena, children will be allowed to play on the north side of the building on the entrance level, and the lights will be on the north side under the grandstand. We believe it is important to be able to provide a safe place for our children to play and promote a family friendly environment. Please ensure that your children are adequately supervised and ensure that they do not play under the southern grand stand (lights will not be on). Children are allowed to play on the entrance level in front of the northern grandstand as well, although we need to ensure that items do not roll through the fencing onto the team benches or courts below.


The toilets and change rooms at Titanium Security Arena under the western grandstand (on court level) have been recently upgraded. We will have access to the male and female toilets on game day as well as a single change room.

Set-up and Pack down

The set up and pack down rules from last year are continuing this year:

  • Set-up
    • Home team
      • Posts for your court and team benches
    • Away team
      • Tape for your court and shot clocks (Court 2 only)
  • Pack down
    • Home team
      • Posts for your court and team benches
    • Away team
      • Tape and short clocks (Court 2 only)

The posts and shot clocks will be stored in the store room under the western grandstand. This can be accessed through the northern hallway. The door should be open but in case it is not, please see a KSA representative to help you.


As most of you are aware last year, we had to have the entrance door to Titanium Security Arena manned at all times. We understand how annoying this can be, however we feel if you know the reasoning behind it you would understand a little more of why it needs to be done. With some of the other sports and competitions that have been held at Titanium there has been some unidentified people walking in and taking inappropriate photos of underage children. There is no suggestion this has occurred during any Korfball events, however to avoid this we must have someone manning the door. We feel that sharing it amongst all clubs is the easiest and most fair way to do it. If you are unable to complete your shift, please try and liaise with other clubs to have this duty covered. We would appreciate everyone helping each other out where possible.

Playing Conditions

Coaches and Referees

Coaching and referee standards have not changed. Minimum required standards are as follows:

  • Coaches
    • A Grade
      • Level 2 or working towards
    • B and C Grade
      • Level 1
  • Referees
    • A Grade whistle
      • Level 2 or working towards
    • A Grade line
      • Level 1
    • B Grade
      • Level 1
    • C Grade
      • Level 1 or trainee with support
We have listed referee assignments as clubs. We have done the best we can with limited information. If clubs are unable to fulfil their assigned duty, they need to liaise with a different club and organise a swap or favour where possible.

Team Benches

This year all grades will have an allocated bench and warm up area. The team listed as the HOME team will have the bench and warm up area closest to the entrance and the AWAY team will have the bench and warm up area furthest away. This will hopefully give the teams that are playing their own bench for their subs. Spectators are welcome to sit courtside, although we are asking that they respect the teams that are playing by allowing them space to sit as a team with their substitutions. We ask that after matches have finished that you please clear the team benches within 10 minutes to allow the next team to use this area. There were some issues last year with teams staying on the playing benches for an extended amount of time after their game had finished impacting the team that played after them as coaches and subs struggled to find appropriate places to sit together as a team. Coaches, if you have administration or extended feedback to provide after your game, please direct your team to a different area to allow the next team access to the team bench area.

B Grade Shot Clock

B Grade will now use the 25 second shot clocks. This was trialled very successfully last year and will assist to bridge the gap between A and B Grade

B Grade Substitutions

B grade will also have the same substitution rules as A grade. This means there can be a total of 8 subs during the game with no time limit for how long each player needs to be off for. This is replacing the 10 minute sub rule where once a player was subbed off they had to remain on the bench for 10 minutes. This change for B Grade is to help bridge the gap between A Grade and B Grade and to assist making B Grade more exciting.

More information on these changes will also be farwarded to clubs.

These tweaks to the playing conditions are aimed at improving the overall standard of play, and in particular, are looking to help move the B Grade competition towards being a true reserve grade competition.

If there are any questions or concerns around anything in this update, please get in touch with us at Good luck to all players, coaches and officials, and we look forward to seeing you out at Titanium Security Arena on April 28 to kick off the State League 2019 season.