As has been announced previously, Korfball South Australia will be running a brand new social K4 Competition on Thursday nights, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, at Sturt Gym, Flinders University. The competition will begin on the 19th of October, and conclude on the 30th of November. Nominations must be completed by Tuesday, October 10.


K4 is a modified version of Korfball, which is played with two korfs in a single division, meaning that players are simultaneously playing both offense and defense, as opposed to the split nature of traditional Korfball. Teams must have 4 players on the court at any one time, 2 males and 2 females, and all other standard Korfball game play rules apply. Free substitutions are used, as long as they take place in line with the post your team is defending. Restarts after a goal are taken by the team who conceded the goal, next to the post the goal was conceded at. Games are also played in quarters, and are significantly shorter.


Each team needs a minimum of 4 players, although more are allowed if subs are desired/required. A $60 nomination fee is required for each team, and there are no ongoing costs. For this competition, teams will play multiple 10 minute games a night. Each team is required to provide a referee for 1-2 matches a night. Referees do not need to have a current qualification, but a working knowledge of the rules is expected. Assistance can be provided with this if required. A comparison chart between K4 and traditional Korfball rules can be found here. Each team must also provide a scorer for the games they’re participating in, although this can be a player who is subbed off. There are no restrictions as to who may be a member of a team.


Once you have a team organaised, use the nomination form below to register your team.


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