It’s that time of year again, as we rapidly close in on the 2020 KSA Awards Night! This year the Awards Night will be held on Saturday, October 17th, at the Joiners Arms Hotel. Entry is free, with dinner and drinks available from the bar.

As we continue the countdown to the big night, it’s time to reveal the short-lists of the top vote getters in each category. All nominees are listed alphabetically by first name. Shortlists are of the top five vote-getters, including ties.

This year saw a change in voting procedures, with the MVP awards not being awarded. The Best Attacker and Best Defender awards, introduced last year, are still presented in each grade, with one award per grade, regardless of gender. These awards were voted on by the referees after each match.

Division 1

Best Attacker

Andrew HutchessonFlinders 1
Bethan ChanningBoomers 1
Brandon NagyNorth 1
Jazz ZulficFlinders 1
Jess CrispeNorth 1
Matilda HiltonArista 1
Megan PapaliaNorth 1

Best Defender

Bethan ChanningBoomers 1
Craig DawsonGlenelg 1
Daniel PhillipsBoomers 1
Nik BungeyArista 1
Zac MarshallArista 1

Division 2

Best Attacker

Craig MillerArista 2 Yellow
Kendall LaffeyFlinders 2
Kimberly LangleyNorth 2
Michael FerrisArista 2 Red
Oliver SainsburyFlinders 2
Ryan GartnerBoomers 2 Purple
Vanessa RosieArista 2 Yellow

Best Defender

Ali MuirheadBoomers 2 Purple
Craig MillerArista 2 Yellow
Jake DzivinskiNorth 2
Liberty BoothGlenelg 2 Orange
Sarah CurranBoomers 2 Green
Theresa ColettiArista 2 Yellow
Toni BellGlenelg 2 Black

Congratulations to all short-listed players, and good luck.

We look forward to seeing the Korfball Community out in force on our night of nights.