The timetable for the upcoming Beach Korfball competition has now been released. As in past years, the schedule, as well as the results and ladders once games start, can be found on the Beach Korfball hub. Matches kick off this Friday (18th of January), and continue each and every Friday until February 15th. All matches are held on Glenelg beach, south of the jetty. Maps can be found on the event page, or on any match page, accessible from the Beach Korfball competition page.

This year sees the introduction of two-point zones, something new for this competition, which brings us into line with International rules, and is bound to bring some excitement. Matches also move to 4v4 (as opposed to the 3v3 played previously), as well as a move to 6 minute long halves instead of quarters. These changes should be a lot of fun, and with six teams, two courts, and 9 games a night, there is no shortage of Korfball action available for everyone to head down and watch.