It’s almost that most wonderful time of year again. No, not Christmas, Beach Korf!


All matches will again be on the Glenelg Foreshore, on Friday nights. Kicking off on the 12th of January, the last round of matches will be on the 23rd of February. With no games on Australia Day (January 26), this works out to 6 weeks of competition. In past years teams have played at least two games a night, and this looks set to continue. Nominations must be in by January 5th, and can be submitted by the form below. The whole competition is $40 per team, no more to pay. Payment details will be sent to the nominated team contact once a team is registered.


There are no restrictions as to who may be in each team, outside of requiring at least two males and two females per team (more on that below). Depending on the number of teams, the competition may be split into divisions at the discretion of the League Manager.


For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, games are unsurprisingly played under the IKF Beach Korfball rules, with some modifications. For anyone who has played in the recent K4 competition, there are many similarities. Beach Korfball is played in a single division, with two korfs in the division. Matches are played over four quarters, of 2.5 minutes each. Each team defends one korf, and attacks the other. Teams must be comprised of at least two males and two females, however, only 3 players are on the court per team per quarter. The odd quarters have two female and one male player on court per team, while the reverse is true for the even quarters, with one female and two male players on court per team. In this way, teams can easily play with the bare minimum four players, as there are enforced substitutions and rest. However, there is nothing to stop teams having more than four players if they want more substitutes. Aside from that, just about everything else is as it is in the K4 or K8 variants of the game. The complete rules can be found here.


As in past years, and the recent K4 competition, teams will be required to provide a referee, who will likely referee one game a night. This is far less daunting than it sounds, as the matches are generally played in very good spirits (who can be anything but happy on the beach?) and assistance can be provided if requested.


Once all nominations are finalised, the timetable will be released on the Beach Korf page.


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