Following the 2019 Korfball South Australia Annual General Meeting, held on Friday the 13th of September, the members of the KSA Board are known.

Under the conditions set by the constitution, Luke Rosie, Darian Huddleston and Theresa Coletti have a year remaining in their terms after being elected last year, and remain on the Board. All other Board members were at the end of their term, and subsequently, their positions were declared vacant. This includes Jess Phillips, Heather McManus, Caz Gartner and Daniel Phillips (filling a casual vacancy) whose two year elected terms expired, and Michelle Duffin and Tim Miller, whose one year appointed terms also expired.

That left four vacant elected spots available on the Board, and prior to the AGM, four nominations were received, from Jess Phillips, Heather McManus, Michelle Duffin and Tim Miller, removing the need for a contested vote. As such, congratulations to Jess, Heather, Michelle and Tim on being elected to a two-year term on the KSA Board.

A huge thanks must go to Caz Gartner and Daniel Phillips for their efforts over the past years as a Board member. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and they are certainly appreciated.

This means the Board for 2020 is comprised of Luke Rosie, Darian Huddleston, Theresa Coletti, Jess Phillips, Heather McManus, Michelle Duffin and Tim Miller, with individual roles to be determined by a vote of the Board at their first meeting. Under the terms of the constitution, two additional Board members may be appointed for terms of up to a year at the discretion of the Board, in order to fill skill and experience gaps as identified by the Board. However, until such a time as an appointment takes place (if at all), the Board for 2020 is now complete.

Full minutes of the AGM will be distributed to clubs in due course. Additionally, once roles have been determined, contact details for each of the roles will be updated and announced.

Thanks go to those continuing in their roles, congratulations to those elected to the Board, and thanks again to Caz and Daniel, for all your work over the past years.