Due to COVID-19, the Korfball SA 2020 State League will be looking a little different from previous years, and from what was previously announced. The season will be starting on Sunday July 12th, at Titanium Security Arena. Finals are expected to be played in late September, with the exact dates dependant on the number of teams entered in the new look competition. Finals this year will be a straight Grand Final, with the top two teams playing off.

This year sees the traditional A, B and C Grades set aside, with State League instead being structured into a Division 1 and Division 2. Clubs are able to enter multiple teams per division if desired, while it is hoped that the potentially reduced number of games will make it easier to abide by all required restrictions, and to reduce the chance of forfeits due to any unavailability. Both divisions will run with a shot clock, and limited numbers of players are able to play in games across divisions as needed to field teams. Full details on these changes have been sent to clubs.

We stress ALL players and/or spectators that are sick, not feeling well, or in close contact with anyone else who is unwell, to please stay home and not come out to Korfball. Additionally, all players, spectators and clubs must take any rules and restrictions KSA set seriously, as all restrictions are covered under the COVID-Safe plan, each breach of which will incur a $5000 penalty. Some of these restrictions include water fountains and change rooms being unavailable, and hand sanitiser available for all players to use. Clubs are required to be covered under a separate COVID-Safe plan for any training activities. For more information about creating a plan please visit www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/recovery/create-a-covid-safe-plan.

We will continue to monitor the Government’s requirements but at present all venues will require a completed attendance register for each week so we have to factor in the additional administrative responsibilities and will be asking clubs to assist us with these tasks.

We understand that it’s a little different this year but we are hoping with the COVID-19 situation our community will be understanding, patient and open minded about the changes made.

More information on team nominations and potential training/trial dates have been sent to all clubs. Part of this includes Titanium Security Arena being open from 12:30-2:30 on July 5, for training or scratch matches at the clubs discretion.

We are very excited about the fact we are planning on having a dynamic and exciting season when many other sports and leagues are not going ahead this year. We hope you are all as excited as us and we look forward to being out on the court again soon.