With the State League Awards Night fast approaching, it’s time to announce the top 5 vote getters for each of the awards to be presented on the night. The nominees are listed in alphabetical order below. Where there is a tie for any position, all nominees are included.

The awards this year have been expanded on from past years. As well as the traditional Male and Female Most Valuable Player awards, voted on by the referees, this year sees the addition of several new peer voted awards. Best Defensive Player, Best Offensive Player and Player’s Player will be awarded this year for the first time, on a one-per-grade basis.

Tickets for the Awards Night are still available, and must be bought by the 24th of August. Tickets are $30 each, and includes a main meal and dessert of your choice. Complete information, including a map of the venue location, and purchasing details, can be found here.

Most Valuable Player Nominees


Ashlee OthenGlenelg A9
Grace CullenNorth A10
Megan PapaliaNorth A13
Michelle DuffinArista A6
Theresa ColettiArista A6
Amy KubankFlinders B
Kerrie-Ann MoonArista B
Kim JilbertBoomers B
Kimmy LangleyNorth B
Louise RobertsFlinders B
Breanna SmithBoomers C
Claire BowlerGlenelg C Cubs
Jessica ColesFlinders A
Joanna LloydFlinders A
Sharyn BungeyArista C
Stefanie CarapetisGlenelg C
Talitha OweisGlenelg C Cubs


Andrew HutchessonArista A
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg A
Darian HuddlestonNorth A
Joshua BerneyBoomers A
Mark HamiltonBoomers A
Cameron McLeanArista B
Jack CurranBoomers B
Mark HamiltonBoomers B
Rhys KubankFlinders B
Steve ColesFlinders B
James HollandArista C
Jazz ZulficFlinders A
John RobertsBoomers C
Stefan ScraggBoomers C
Tyson WhiteFlinders A

Peer Voted Awards Nominees

Best Defensive Player

PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Ashlee OthenGlenelg A71225
Grace CullenNorth A33318
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg A24216
Joshua BerneyBoomers A23315
Bethan ChanningBoomers A21311
Nik BungeyArista A0113
Darian HuddlestonNorth A0113
Theresa ColettiArista A0102
Megan PapaliaNorth A0102
Brad MarksBoomers A0011
PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Mark HamiltonBoomers B2017
Chris HutchessonArista B1127
Toni BellGlenelg B0317
Cameron McLeanArista B2006
Amy KubankFlinders B2006
Mitch OthenGlenelg B1116
Aaron SykesNorth B1105
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg B1014
Kimmy LangleyNorth B1003
Riley CullenNorth B1003
Jazz ZulficFlinders B1003
Nick MillerGlenelg B0102
Caz GartnerBoomers B0102
Peter CorcoranBoomers B0102
Louise RobertsFlinders B0102
Emily HutchessonGlenelg B0102
Kerrie-Ann MoonArista B0011
Ryan GartnerBoomers B0011
Lucy VardasGlenelg B0021
PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Nick MillerGlenelg C Cubs1207
Breanna SmithBoomers C2006
Paul AdamsBoomers C2006
Daniel MaasGlenelg C Tigers0113
Bianca ChenowethBoomers C1003
Jessica ColesFlinders A1003
Daniel RattusBoomers C0113
Claire BowlerGlenelg C Cubs1003
Wayne DartGlenelg C Tigers0102
Erin CocksFlinders A0102
Ali OthenGlenelg C Tigers0102
Caz GartnerBoomers C0011
Jodie KingGlenelg C Tigers0011
Antony MarshallArista C0011

Best Offensive Player

PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Joshua BerneyBoomers A52120
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg A22515
Ashlee OthenGlenelg A15215
Grace CullenNorth A23315
Megan PapaliaNorth A2039
Darian HuddlestonNorth A1116
Bethan ChanningBoomers A1104
Josh PrasadBoomers A1003
Jess PhillipsArista A1003
Linda HantonBoomers A0102
Nik BungeyArista A0102
Luke RosieArista A0011
PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Mark HamiltonBoomers B61020
Lucy VardasGlenelg B2108
Kimmy LangleyNorth B0317
Mitch OthenGlenelg B1105
Jaz ZulficFlinders B1003
Louise RobertsFlinders B1003
Jack CurranBoomers B0033
Aaron SykesNorth B0113
Rhys KubankFlinders B1003
Amy KubankFlinders B1003
Tyson WhiteFlinders B0102
Ryan GartnerBoomers B0102
Issy VardasGlenelg B0102
Kerrie-Ann MoonArista B0022
Andrew Van BuurenArista B0102
Paul AdamsBoomers B0011
James HollandArista B0011
Caz GartnerBoomers B0011
Nick MillerGlenelg B0011
PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Nick MillerGlenelg C Cubs2119
Jazz ZulficFlinders A1105
Breanna SmithBoomers C1105
Daniel RattusBoomers C1105
Joanna LloydFlinders A1003
Stefan ScraggBoomers C1003
Erin CocksFlinders A1003
Daniel MaasGlenelg C Tigers0102
Chris PetersArista C0102
Tessa RiceArista C0102
Sharni LansArista C0011
Lee JonesGlenelg C Tigers0011
Paul AdamsBoomers C0011
Tyson WhiteFlinders A0011

Player’s Player

PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Ashlee OthenGlenelg A43220
Grace CullenNorth A41418
Bethan ChanningBoomers A24216
Joshua BerneyBoomers A23113
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg A22212
Jess PhillipsArista A1014
Josh PrasadBoomers A0113
Nik BungeyArista A1003
Brandon NagyNorth A0102
Darian HuddlestonNorth A0102
Brad MarksBoomers A0011
Luke RosieArista A0011
Michelle DuffinArista A0011
PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Damien RigterArista B31011
Mitch OthenGlenelg B2119
Mark HamiltonBoomers B2017
Lucy VardasGlenelg B1116
Andrew Van BuurenArista B1105
Louise RobertsFlinders B1014
Kimmy LangleyNorth B0033
Ryan GartnerBoomers B0113
BreeFlinders B1003
Caz GartnerBoomers B1003
Diana CremascoBoomers B0102
Amy KubankFlinders B0102
Tim MillerGlenelg B0102
Paul AdamsBoomers B0102
Sharni LansArista B0102
Chris HutchessonArista B0102
Issy VardasGlenelg B0011
Bianca ChenowethBoomers B0011
PlayerTeam3 Votes2 Votes1 VoteVotes
Breanna SmithBoomers C22010
Nick MillerGlenelg C Cubs1127
Caz GartnerBoomers C2006
Daniel RattusBoomers C1116
Jayde DartGlenelg Tigers C1003
Michela QuarisaBoomers C1003
Joanna LloydFlinders A1003
Sharyn BungeyArista C0102
Paul AdamsBoomers C0102
Ali OthenGlenelg C Tigers0102
James HollandArista C0102
Steph MinnsFlinders A0011
Daniel MaasGlenelg C Tigers0011
Wayne DartGlenelg C Tigers0011

Congratulations to all nominees, and we look forward to seeing you at The Bunker Sports Bar and Grill for the Awards Night on the 1st of September.