The weekend just gone saw us celebrate the annual Korfball South Australia Awards Night, where we come together to celebrate the best of the State League season just finished. The highlight of the night is the presenting of the major awards of Most Valuable Player, Players Player, Best Offensive Player and Best Defensive Player for each grade. The nominees, (top 5’s for each award), were announced earlier. Below are the nominees, and the final result in each award category. Congratulations to all nominees, and especially to the winners of each award.

As well as the nominee results below, full season statistics and voting results can be found on the Season 2018 Archive Page.

Most Valuable Player


Megan PapaliaNorth A13
Grace CullenNorth A10
Ashlee OthenGlenelg A9
Michelle DuffinArista A6
Theresa ColettiArista A6
Kerrie-Ann MoonArista B9
Kimmy LangleyNorth B8
Amy KubankFlinders B5
Kim JilbertBoomers B5
Louise RobertsFlinders B5
Joanna LloydFlinders A8
Breanna SmithBoomers C7
Claire BowlerGlenelg C Cubs5
Sharyn BungeyArista C5
Stefanie CarapetisGlenelg C5
Talitha OweisGlenelg C Cubs5
Jessica ColesFlinders A0


Darian HuddlestonNorth A12
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg A8
Andrew HutchessonArista A7
Mark HamiltonBoomers A7
Joshua BerneyBoomers A0
Jack CurranBoomers B10
Mark HamiltonBoomers B9
Cameron McLeanArista B8
Rhys KubankFlinders B8
Steve ColesFlinders B7
John RobertsBoomers C9
James HollandArista C7
Stefan ScraggBoomers C7
Jazz ZulficFlinders A6
Tyson WhiteFlinders A6

Peer Voted Awards

Best Defensive Player

Ashlee OthenGlenelg A25
Grace CullenNorth A18
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg A16
Joshua BerneyBoomers A15
Bethan ChanningBoomers A11
Mark HamiltonBoomers B7
Chris HutchessonArista B7
Toni BellGlenelg B7
Cameron McLeanArista B6
Amy KubankFlinders B6
Mitch OthenGlenelg B6
Nick MillerGlenelg C Cubs7
Breanna SmithBoomers C6
Paul AdamsBoomers C6
Daniel MaasGlenelg C Tigers3
Bianca ChenowethBoomers C3
Jessica ColesFlinders A3
Daniel RattusBoomers C3
Claire BowlerGlenelg C Cubs3

Best Offensive Player

Joshua BerneyBoomers A20
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg A15
Ashlee OthenGlenelg A15
Grace CullenNorth A15
Megan PapaliaNorth A9
Mark HamiltonBoomers B20
Lucy VardasGlenelg B8
Kimmy LangleyNorth B7
Mitch OthenGlenelg B5
Aaron SykesNorth B3
Rhys KubankFlinders B3
Amy KubankFlinders B3
Jack CurranBoomers B3
Louise RobertsFlinders B3
Jaz ZulficFlinders B3
Nick MillerGlenelg C Cubs9
Jazz ZulficFlinders A5
Breanna SmithBoomers C5
Daniel RattusBoomers C5
Joanna LloydFlinders A3
Stefan ScraggBoomers C3
Erin CocksFlinders A3

Player’s Player

Ashlee OthenGlenelg A20
Grace CullenNorth A18
Bethan ChanningBoomers A16
Joshua BerneyBoomers A13
Daniel PhillipsGlenelg A12
Damien RigterArista B11
Mitch OthenGlenelg B9
Mark HamiltonBoomers B7
Lucy VardasGlenelg B6
Andrew Van BuurenArista B5
Breanna SmithBoomers C10
Nick MillerGlenelg C Cubs7
Caz GartnerBoomers C6
Daniel RattusBoomers C6
Jayde DartGlenelg Tigers C3
Michela QuarisaBoomers C3
Joanna LloydFlinders A3